How do you build a simple doorbell?


Building a simple doorbell is quite easy to do yourself. Most stores offer easy set up doorbells. If you want to make one yourself you will need things such as 9 volt battery, electrical tape, push button, a buzzer, ruler and wire strippers. Before you start, make sure to have everything measured out and the right tools needed to make sure it works properly.
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1. Twist the exposed ends of the black and red wires coming from the 9-volt battery snap between your fingers. Insert the exposed end of the red wire through one of the two contact
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How to Make a Simple Doorbell
A doorbell, at its most basic, is a device that emits a noise when a button is pushed. You can make a simple doorbell from a few supplies purchased from a hobby store. A few supplies found around the house are also needed. No expertise in electronics is... More »
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