How to Build a Skinner Box?


The plans to build a Skinner box would depend on what the experiment is going to entail; no one plan would work for you. Your best chance is to contact a laboratory to see if they have one that is being phased out that they are willing to let you borrow or purchase. This site describes a Skinner box and the different stimuli and enforcers that are used.
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You will need to get a medium size box and make a lever which will release food. You will need to put a lot of work in and reward to get the hamster to go in the right directions.
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1. Draw an outline of your box on a large piece of construction paper to determine the dimensions of each side. The simplest box to make will have four sides and a bottom but the
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B.F. Skinner was a behavioral psychologist who studied "Operant conditioning," which is a type of associative learning in which there is a contingency between the response
n. A soundproof, light-resistant box or cage used in laboratories to isolate an animal for experiments in operant conditioning and usually containing only a bar or lever to be pressed
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Skinner box invented to be used in a laboratory setting to study established conditioning and operant conditioning in animals. The person who invented Skinner ...
You can build a box for several different uses and materials. You may want to just make a simple cardboard box, or venture into woodworking by using wood. ...
Boxes can be made in different methods like making a wooden box you need to decide on a size that fits your design plans and draw a picture of it and take special ...
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