How to Build a Sliding Gate?


One can build a sliding that is manual or automatic, can also be of wood or metal, first one has to measure the size of the gate then cut the four pieces of the grooved boards with 45 degree angles on each end of the frame, slide the grooved boards onto each side, drill holes about 1 foot apart around the inside of the frame, so that the bolts can pass through the frame and the plywood in the grooves, then cover the gate with exterior grade paint and give it time to dry, attach a 4 inch diameter V wheels at the bottom of the gate frame, then position the gate in the gate opening so as to determine the final position of the wheels finally install two guide rollers along the fence opening of the gate so as to guide the top of the gate as it slides open or closed.
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How to Make a Sliding Gate
A sliding gate can be manual or automatic, wood or metal, large or small. This article describes how to make a simple, manually operated wooden sliding gate measuring 4 feet high and 6 feet long. The gate hardware consists of two V-wheels with mounting... More »
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