How to Build a Slim Jim?


You could make a slim jim out of a thin piece of flat steel. There are other ways to make a similar tool that will do the same thing. Try unbending a metal coat hanger, making a hook shape at one end, to use for catching the vehicles control arm.
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How to Make a Slim Jim
Getting locked out of your car can be incredibly frustrating. Try using a slim jim if you find yourself locked out without a spare key. The slim jim is easy to make and can get you out of a tough situation. By following these steps, you can learn how to... More »
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Make a slim jim to unlock your car with a long, thin piece of metal. Cut a notch in the end to enable the metal to hook around the lock mechanism. Look here for more information:
A slim jim is a tool that is used to open car-door locks without the use of a key. Slim jims are a thin piece of hardened steel 24 to 30 inches long and have a notch on both sides
1. A car door isn't just a door. 2. Most cars made after 1992 have a lot of mechanics and a variety of function controls housed inside the door. They may have side impact air bags
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A Slim Jim allows you to open a car door that is locked if you do not have the key. It does this without damaging the car. To use the Slim Jim on your Ford you ...
If you have locked your keys in the car, you may need to use a slim jim to get back in your car. You will need to take the slim jim and place it directly in between ...
1. Turn the Slim Jim so the hooked end is pointing downward. Hold it flat against the window on the driver's side and slide it between the window and the outside ...
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