How do you build a solar furnace?


To build a solar furnace you will need some glass, a glass cutter, some plywood, a drill, toothpicks, hot glue, screws, hinges, silicone and some Post-it notes. You can find more information here:
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1. Buy or make mirror chips from glass or plastic. The chips need to be about ¾ inch long. If you need to cut them, use a glass cutter that's oil-fed, as the cuts are cleaner
1. Remove all parts from the water heater except for the heating element. This includes the drain valve, nipples, thermostat and wiring. 2. Remove the outer metal shell carefully,
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1. Site your passive solar room addition on the south side of your home. The best place is where there are existing doors and windows on the house, so you won't have to add fans to
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How to Build a Solar Furnace
Building a solar furnace is one way of harnessing the sun. In this time of high energy costs, alternate means of generating heat are welcome. This article can help.... More »
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