How do you build a solar furnace?


To build a solar furnace you will need some glass, a glass cutter, some plywood, a drill, toothpicks, hot glue, screws, hinges, silicone and some Post-it notes. You can find more information here:
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You will need many panels of mirrors for this furnace. A proper solar furnace can even melt metal. The solar furnace concentrates the sun's rays by reflecting many times the surface
1. Locate a large clay or metal canister to use as the outer lining of the smelting furnace. Drill a hole to allow your propane or gas nipple through the canister. If you are using
1. Move your Capital Ship to an asteroid belt where you would like to build an Extractor. 2. Click on your Capital Ship and open the Build menu at the bottom of the screen. 3. Select
1. Collect a substantial amount of home wiring. Most houses are wired with solid copper, insulated wire. This serves the needs of a solar car perfectly, and is already contained in
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How to Build a Solar Furnace
Building a solar furnace is one way of harnessing the sun. In this time of high energy costs, alternate means of generating heat are welcome. This article can help.... More »
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It is not always simple to vent a gas furnace. A lot of the rules for venting depend on the type of furnace, age of building, etc. A two-vent system is probably ...
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