How to Build a Spinning Game Wheel?


All you really need is some plywood cut to size, some washers, a wood bolt and a few other things. I'm wondering what kind of game you have planned. Wheel of Fortune or a spin till you win game? Sounds like fun! Here's some instructions on building a spinning game wheel:
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How to Build a Spinning Game Wheel
A spinning game wheel is a feature of many different games. It can be used to determine a number of spaces to move or to decide upon a prize to be given to a participant. A homemade spinning wheel can be created using wood and paint. If desired, multiple... More »
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Find a nice sturdy base made of a heavy material. Get a circle or similar shaped wheel with a hole in the center. Place the symbols for the prizes on the wheel and attach the wheel to the base using a nail or bolt. Don't forget the arrow which will point to the prize when the wheel stops.
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You'll need time, patience, and moderate woodworking skills, but you can build your own spinning wheel. You'll need to create the wheel, the flyer, and the frame ...
You can build a spin and win wheel by using a piece of thin wood, drill, jigsaw, compass, metal stand and nuts and bolts. Use the compass and a pencil to draw ...
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