How do you build a Springer front end?


You will have to purchase a few parts and you will need a really good tool kit. They are not hard to build but can be challenging. Have Fun! for more information visit ...
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1. Adjust the steering head bearing "fall away." To do this, lift the motorcycle off the floor with a motorcycle lift or jack so that the front and rear wheels are an equal
the spring tension? There is a nut on the top. question is why do you want to mess with it? To much tension and it will act like a pogo stick when you try to turn. 1 0 Comment
Since there are so many sizes and styles of Springer front ends there is a wide price range. You can find some for under $300 and others for over $3000.
1 Place chocks behind the back tires for safety. Ad 2 Use your car jack to raise your car enough to remove the tires and be able to maneuver under the car. 3 Remove the front wheels
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