How do you build a Springer front end?


You will have to purchase a few parts and you will need a really good tool kit. They are not hard to build but can be challenging. Have Fun! for more information visit ...
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1. Remove the hardware securing the brake reaction link with an SAE socket and a hex-head socket. Set the link aside. 2. Remove the upper mounting bolt and lower mounting pin on the
the spring tension? There is a nut on the top. question is why do you want to mess with it? To much tension and it will act like a pogo stick when you try to turn.
If your problem is removal of the axle hub caps (eg) Heritage Springer FLSTS, they screw off. They should be only just tighter than hand tight. If not, use a set of pipe grips with
1 Place chocks behind the back tires for safety. Ad 2 Use your car jack to raise your car enough to remove the tires and be able to maneuver under the car. 3 Remove the front wheels
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