How do you build a stationary bike stand?


For step by step instructions and a list of materials you will need to biuld your own stationary bike stand, look here: .
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1. Cut one of the 2x4s into two 3-foot-long pieces and two 1-foot-long pieces with the circular saw. These pieces will be used to create the base of the stand. If you are concerned
1 Find a slope, with a stable, stationary object close by. (A wheelchair ramp with a rail is a good option.) Ad 2 Get on your bike while making sure that the bike's front is facing
One can find a stationary bike stand by visting walmart,sears, and amazon online.The prices can range from $89.99 to $2,000 depending on the type you purchase.
1. Select an appropriate spot. This is very important-there must be enough room for a biker to gain enough speed before hitting the ramp, and there must be enough room upon landing
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How to Make a Stationary Bike Stand
You can make a solid, stationary bike stand that can hold up any bike by using an automotive rim without the tire and a large woodworkers clamp with rubber jaws to protect your bike's finish. By utilizing a rim for a counterbalance, your bike stand... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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