How to Build a Swim Platform?


If you want to build a swim platform you will need supplies such as screws, Astro Turf and float barrels. The job is moderately difficult. To view instructions go to .
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1. Determine how big of a platform you would like to build. A good standard size is 6 feet by 6 feet. This will allow several people to sit on it at the same time and when one person
1. Use a rented excavator to dig a hole matching the design specifications (length, width and depth) of the pool. Create a panel shelf 42 inches deep and 2 feet wide the entire way
1. Draw a sketch of the stage and determine its size; in your mind’s eye remove the top surface or “lid” of the stage so the frame underneath the lid can be envisioned
1. Design your bed. Measure the size of the your mattress. Determine the amount of drawers you want. Three on each side will work. A twin will only have one set of drawers. Additionally
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How to Build a Swim Platform
A swim platform makes an excellent addition to any pond or swimming hole. Using materials that have been treated against water will ensure a long-lasting platform. The size of the platform will depend on several factors like your budget. Float barrels... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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