How do you build a timber flat roof?


To build a timber flat roof, you need tools such as the drill, glue brush, and a measuring tape. To start, fold an EPDM rubber membrane over a flat roof surface made from timber boards. Mate it to the stands and wood edges with bonding adhesive and then glue the prefabricated corners. Use tin snips to close off open ends and finally, complete the job by fixing gutter trims.
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1. Span the gap between two walls with joists. Figure out the "maximum span" of the joists depending on the span and the load that the roof might have to hold when you build
put something flat on the roof, then put shingles down, then go in the house take the flat thing out and you now have a flat roof : your welcome in advance :
1. Prevent the ice dam during the installation process of your flat roof. Add an ice shield beneath the shingles where the damming is most likely to happen. That way, damage is minimized
1. Cut two pieces of 1-foot PVC pipe with the hacksaw. Smooth off the edges of the pipes with a medium grit sandpaper. 2. Apply PVC glue to the ends of the pipes and insert one end
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