How to Build a Walking Bridge?


Surprisingly, it's not very challenging to build a walking bridge across a small creek. You'll need several things for this project, including small stones or sand. You can find out more information here:
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There might be a time when you want to build a bridge to cross a creek or small stream. To do this, find the narrowest part of the creek and place two logs across it about 2 feet apart. Make sure the logs are thick and sturdy enough. Next, place pieces of wood across the logs as cross sticks. Bind the cross sticks together using twine. Lastly, 'pave' the bridge by adding a thick layer of mud or clay, a layer of stones and then a thick layer of dirt. Pack it all down by walking across it several times. That's all there is to it!
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1 Find a good spot for the bridge. It doesn't have to be the thinnest part of the creek. 2 If you are by a forest chop down some trees. Make sure they're at least 3 inches wide. If
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