How to Build a Water Tower?


Your first step is to figure out which method to use, since there's more than one way to build a water tower. It's important to choose the right elevation, so be sure to take this into account. Check out this site for more information on building a water tower:
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1. Cut a 3-inch long cardboard cylinder from an empty paper towel roll. Paint or color the cardboard whatever color you wish. This cylinder will act as the actual tower. 2. Loop a
In a city, tall buildings often need to solve their own water pressure
because the gravity is used to distribute the water instead of pumps or like the movie the towering inferno filmed in 1974 they can assist in a fire fight
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How to Build Your Own Water Tower
The purpose of a water tower is to provide running water with the pressure resulting from the gravity as water falls through pipes from the high tower. Essentially, rain water is captured in a storage tank located at the top of the tower and released... More »
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To start building your own water tower you will need a galvanized steel tank, some trees to use for the legs of the tower and a crane to lift the water tank up. The smaller you build your water tower the easier it will be to erect. For more information look here: Steps to Building your own Water Tower;
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