How to Build a Wooden Toolbox?


Preparation is important on how to build a wooden toolbox. Once you have your materials prepared, you can then proceed to draw a rough plan. Take the right measurements and ensure that you connect the wood properly.
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1. Measure out the dimensions on the 1" by 6" by 35" oak board with a tape measure. Use a pencil to mark the following measurements: two boards measuring 5/8"
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1. Use the drill to bore holes into the lip of the shed, about 1" below the door. You'll need to use a specialized drill bit to get through the shed wall if it's made of metal.
1. Measure your computer to determine its dimensions. Note the computer's width, length and height, then add one inch to each measurement to accommodate your computer. 2. Mark off
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How to Build Wooden Toolbox
If you think that a wooden toolbox is more of an antique than a modern-day functional device, and lacks demand, you'd be wrong. If you perform an Internet search for "wooden toolbox plans," you'll find thousands of plans for simple to complex designs... More »
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