How to Build a Wooden Toolbox?


Preparation is important on how to build a wooden toolbox. Once you have your materials prepared, you can then proceed to draw a rough plan. Take the right measurements and ensure that you connect the wood properly.
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1. Measure the dimensions of the top of the toolbox. Mark matching dimensions on the piece of wood from which you make the lid. 2. Cut the outline of the lid using a miter saw. Follow
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1. Draw the outline of the bottom of your planter on a sheet of ½-inch plywood. Measure and mark the length of one side along one edge of the plywood. At one end of the mark,
1. Cut the 5/8-inch flat molding into 4 pieces. Cut three of the pieces 22 inches long, and cut one 10 inches long. Sand any rough edges with the 120-grit sandpaper. 2. Set the table
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How to Build Wooden Toolbox
If you think that a wooden toolbox is more of an antique than a modern-day functional device, and lacks demand, you'd be wrong. If you perform an Internet search for "wooden toolbox plans," you'll find thousands of plans for simple to complex designs... More »
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