How to Build a Worm Shocker?


You can use a worm shocker to get worms out of the ground to use as fishing bait. You can buy them or build one yourself. You will need a long wood handle. Then you need a metal pole at least two feed long.
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1. Wet down the soil you wish to charge. 2. Put on the rubber gloves. 3. Drive the grounding rods into the ground about 6 feet apart. 4. Attach the jumper cables to a loose car battery
don't try to build one- why re-invent the wheel? many models are available for purchase. if you do try to make one yourself you are in danger of killing yourself or your dog.
Worm composting can be done inside or outside in an area protected from high temperatures. The worms will die if exposed to temperatures of 100 degrees F or more. A plastic or wooden
Measure and cut the plywood as shown in Figure 5b, so that you have one 24-x-42 inch top, one 24-x-42-inch base, two 16-x-24-inch ends, and two 16-x-42-inch sides. Cut the 12-foot
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How Do I Make a Worm Shocker?
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A worm shocker is made and used by fishermen who want to 'shock' the bait out of the ground instead of paying for it at a fishing supply store. First one will need a cord or extension cord of some kind. Both ends need to be cut off with wire cutters and then stripped to expose the wiring. One end should be placed in the ground and another can be attached to a 12-volt electric fence charger. Finally, plug the charger into an electrical outlet and the worms will be shocked out of the ground and ready to be used for fishing.
It's fairly easy to make an earthworm shocker. You will need a car battery, jumper cables, two metal poles and rubber gloves for this project. You can find more info at:
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