How to Build a Yurt?


To build a yurt you will need, some roof poles, a central support pole, fasteners, wooden door with frame, felt or canvas, and roof poles.
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How to Build a Yurt
A yurt, or ger (rhymes with "hair"), is a round dwelling used by Mongolian nomads on the steppes of central Asia. Designed to collapse small enough to fit on a draft animal and set up in half an hour, it insulates its inhabitants from both heat and cold.... More »
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Yurts are lattice-framed felt-covered structures meant to be lived in and used as portable housing. Once constructed properly, they can be taken down and put up again at another location
1. Understand the parts of a yurt. Traditional yurts are not true domes. They have lattice walls that form a cylinder, and roof poles on top that form a cone. A felt cover is put
I would find a circular table and just drape blankets over it. I have had the same problem; people take it way too seriously for someone to just make one for fun or school.
This page has some info about building a yurt, plus links to multiple vendors and sets of instructions: The writer's top recommendation is: THE
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I have very good friends in Corvallis who own a home with small acreage. They built a yurt in their back-yard. I would be happy to connect you with them. I can ...
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