How to Build an Accelerometer?


Accelerometer contains a Piezoelectric Crystal on which fixed mass is kept. Whenever there is movement, mass exerts force on crystal which is converted into electric signal.
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A spring, a weight, a pencil, and chart paper. When you accellerate, the weight will press the spring back, and the pencil records the amount on the paper.
Building an accelerometer can be very difficult; accuracy and practicality are big issues. The simplest of devices consist of a clear tube with two rubber bands in it attached to
Step by step instructions on how to build a one axis accelerometer out of basic household materials! See how many "G's" of force are being pulled.
The sample code (646KB) to accompany the screencast. The iPhone's accelerometer measures the linear acceleration of the device so can report the roll and pitch, but not the
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To build an accelerometer you will need, a transparent plastic tube which has a rubber stopper at both ends, a spring, a paper clip, a rubber band and some tape. You can find more information at
An accelerometer, which measures force upon a mass, can be made at home with some fairly simple items. You need a jelly jar with a lid, a cork and a string! Secure the sting and the cork to the bottom of the lid, turn upside down and string will move in the direction of the mass.
The easiest way to build an accelerometer is to use a jar with a lid, cork, string, and a fishing buoy. Attach the string to the lid of jar and attach the cork to the other end of the string. Fill the jar with water, and place the lid on. Turn the jar over.
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