How to Build an Automotive Paint Booth?


To build an automotive paint booth, start by sweeping the garage or workshop area space that is designated for the auto paint booth and removing all debris, dust and dirt. Join two 12 foot lengths each of 1 inch in diameter PVC pipe end-to-end through a four-way side outlet tee 1-inch-diameter PVC furniture fitting. Join the other two 12 foot lengths of pipe using the same way. Now you have two 24-foot lengths. Organise these lengths parallel to each other on the floor at about eight feet apart. Join the 24 foot lengths with three lengths each of 8 foot PVC. Using three-way side outlet elbow 1-inch diameter PVC furniture fittings, join the ends of the 24 foot lengths and slide the middle 8 foot brace into the existing four-way fittings. Now you have a 24 foot by 8 foot footprint for the auto paint booth. Insert two 8 foot lengths of PVC upright into the three-way fittings at one end of the footprint then stand on a stepladder and screw two eye screws into the ceiling directly over the footprint as you tie a length of twine on each screw eye. Join the top ends of the two upright PVC pipes using a third 8 foot length of pipe and two additional three-way fittings. Tie the loose twine ends around the topmost pipe so as to support the end of the structure. Do this procedure again on the opposite end and also at the midpoint of the auto paint booth. Connect all pipe fittings with lengths of PVC pipe and cut large sections of 6 millimetre construction-grade plastic so as to cover the ceiling of the auto-paint booth, and then secure the ceiling-plastic to the PVC frame using duct tape. Overlap the plastic with large sections cut for the 24 foot by 8 foot sides of the PVC frame, and secure the side-wall plastic using duct tape. Do not tape one end of a side wall so as to provide an entryway. Cut two sections of plastic to fit the 8 foot by 8 foot ends of the PVC frame and duct tape them in position. Place three large box fans on a low work bench inside one end of the paint booth then cut out a rectangular piece of the plastic end-wall that will fit the outline of the three box fans. Position the fans in the cut-out plastic so that they pull exhaust from the booth and check to see that the electrical cords are outside the booth. Seal the fans against the cut edges of the plastic wall using duct tape then cut out three sections of the opposite end-wall to the exhaust fans so as to fit three intake dust filters. Finally tape the filters into the removed sections of the plastic.
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