How do you build an indoor shooting range?


Take the back of a note pad and wrap it in colored or foil paper. Take paint or a marker and design your shooting circles. Create four of them. You want to then take eight screws with open circular heads and space them equal distance. at both ends of the room. Run a draw string through the open circular holes and connect your target. You are now able to shoot and pull your targets.
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1. Decide upon the type of firearms and ammo that will be used, and the preferred distance to the target. This will determine the longest length needed for a shooting lane. 2. Survey
In most of the shooting ranges I've been to, the lanes about are 4 feet wide.
One lane basement ranges start at about $25,000 last time I looked. That's to have it done right, by a professional who knows what he is doing and does this for a living. If you want
1. Choose a place you can create your clubhouse without being in the way of other members of your family. Spare bedrooms, a corner of the garage or utility room, or a hallway or walk-in
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You can build a dirt berm, make it about 7 feet high, and about 50 feet long. Try to shape it slightly to a U shape. Also you may have to build a few metal back stoppers and have some very heavy duty bullet traps. For more information look here: indoor range shooting range made easy;
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