How do you build an inversion table?


A person can build an Inversion Table by building the triangle supports. The heels should be placed against the wall. The backrest frame must be built with the tube bender.
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1. Decide if you'd prefer a manual or motorized unit. On a manual table, you must use handles on either side of your body to position the table at the desired angle. These units are
Anybody who knows how to build a picnic table knows the joys of dining outdoors. The smell of barbecued food, the sound of children playing and the feel of sun make any summer meal
1. Use the circular saw to cut the wood into the pieces you will need. Cut the ¾" plywood to the dimensions of 48" wide and 30" deep (this will be the table
1. Pick a location in a garage or shop that is at least eight feet wide. Find the studs in the wall, level and screw the stretcher to the wall with the top of the stretcher at 35
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How to Build Your Own Inversion Table
Inversion tables are a type of exercise equipment used to improve a person's flexibility. Through a variety of different exercises, muscles are strengthened and the spine is elongated improving the body's overall fitness level. These exercises place the... More »
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