How to Build an Oxygen Atom Model?


Oxygen atom models aren't very hard to make at all. Using a different color for the electrons, protons and neutrons will make your model visually appealing. You will need craft paints and several other things for this activity. Check out this site for more information on making an oxygen model:
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Things You'll Need. Large foam ball. Ten small foam balls. Spray paint, three different colors. Black permanent marker. Newspaper. Scissors. Craft wire. Cooking skewers. Instructions
Buy stuff and glue it together.
Things You'll Need. Cardboard boxes. Paper towel rolls. Toilet tissue rolls. Pencil. Scissors or craft knife. White paint. Various colors of craft paint. Paintbrushes. Marker. Ruler
Oxygen by itself is a diatomic, meaning there are two of them. (O2)
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Glue about 12 Styrofoam balls together to make your nucleus. Then take small sticks with Styrofoam balls to make your protons. Place your nucleus on a piece of cardboard or construction paper and then place any electrons around the nucleus as if it were circling the sun.
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