How to Build Fireplace Bellows?


To make your own bellow you will need a few things including a wooden cutting board, saw, sand paper, epoxy weld, a tire inner tube and some nails. Draw a teardrop and a handle on paper and use this as a pattern. Cut these out on the cutting board and sand it down. Now you are ready to add the inner tube and attach with epoxy weld. You can find more information here:
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How to Build Fireplace Bellows
You can make a fireplace bellows to help you build a strong, hot fire. Every fire needs three things: heat, air and fuel. If there is not enough air, the fire will smolder and die. If you use a bellows, the air blown into the fire increases the heat and... More »
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It can be challenging to build a fireplace bellows. You will need several things for this project, including a coping saw and wooden cutting board. You can find out more information here:
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1. On a piece of paper, use a pencil to trace a large teardrop that is half the size of the wooden cutting board. Draw a short handle coming off the center of the round part of the
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