How do you build La Caja China?


La caja is a rectangular wooden food box to roast pig. To build a la caja requires a 4' x 2' with an interior depth of 8 ¾'-12 ¾'. Interior metal lining of about 1/16' thick will be required as well as 4' x 2' sheet and aluminum MIG welder.
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1. Put on safety gear, and weld the aluminum sheets together with the MIG welder to create the roaster box. Weld the 2-foot by 2-foot pieces to the ends of the 2-foot by 4-foot pieces
The Chinese Dynasties that built The Great Wall of China mainly used materials that they found around them. Such as if they were building in the desert the builders would use compacted
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How to Make a La Caja China
Roasting an entire pig in under four hours can be accomplished with your own homemade La Caja China if you have the necessary woodworking and metal fabrication knowledge. The La Caja China looks like a rectangular wooden wheelbarrow with a grate on top.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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