How to Build Magnetic Levitation Cars?


Magnetic levitation cars are built using magnets that are then placed on a magnetic track. Start by carving the crown of the polystyrene block into the figure of your car using the utility knife. Then lay a dab of model cement on the positive plane of four of the rectangular magnets. Finally, join each of the four glued rectangular magnets to the bottom of the polystyrene block and leave the replica cement to dry.
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1. Arrange the magnets next to each other, alternating their poles up and down. 2. To alternate poles, stick the magnets together in two pairs. The sides that stick together are opposing
Have a magnet underneath it with opposite sides facing each other or hold a magnet over the magnet you are trying to levitate. Opposite sides facing each other.
The same way it accelerates, by using an inductive linear motor. Also, since most Maglev designs incorporate a track and sets of wheels on which the train can rest when not levitating
Magnetic levitation can be done in a number of ways: 1. Superconducting Magnets. Pros: Very Stable. Cons: Requires extremely low temperatures. How to make: For this you would need
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