How do you build an outdoor gun range?


To build an outdoor gun range you will need to check with local ordinances on how far from structures you need to be. If you have a hillside you can use as a backdrop to keep any bullets from going astray. This has good information on making a shooting range.
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1. Study extensively before making any plans. Visit local gun ranges and speak to the builders who constructed them to ensure that your plans are based in reality. Check with construction
One for yourself or a potential public one? For pretty much the price of renting a backhoe you can make one for yourself. You don't need a fancy shooting station, just a picnic table
Building an indoor gun range for personal use can lead to years of enjoyment and the building of shooting skills. Retrofitting a range into an existing home may not be easy or inexpensive
I've been out of the area for some time now (I left Maryland when O'Malley became Gov). However, I occassionally went shooting with friends at a large outdoor range in Montgomery
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If you have a large piece of land out in the middle of nowhere, the hardest thing is making sure you have clearance from the town or city you live in and find out what the laws are for firing guns. If everything is alright, it's best to build a large hill downrange to stop any projectiles if they get past your targets. A fenced off area would help keep people out of the firing zone.
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To open a gun range in Georgia, you will need a business license issued from the state and you will need a permit allowing you to own, sell, lend and fire firearms ...
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