How do you build pantry shelves?


An easy way to build pantry shelves is to purchase metal brackets and support rods and melamine boards that look good and are simple to keep clean. Depending on the space of the pantry, a convenient size is to have 12 inch brackets and 11 inch boards of 3/4 inches. Space the distance between brackets every 15 inches or so to prevent the boards sagging under the weight of jars, bottles, etc.
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Things You'll Need. Tape measure. Builder's level. Stud finder (optional). Framing square. 1-inch-by-2-inch pine boards. 1-inch-by-12-inch pine boards. Handsaw. Circular saw. Hammer
1. Measure the space where you intend to build the shelves. Measure not only the length of the wallspace available, but when dealing with corner shelves, check that the walls are
Things You'll Need. 2-by-4 lumber. ¾-inch plywood. Tape measure. Carpenter's square. Pencil. Circular saw. Drill. #2 Phillips bit. 1½-inch and 2½-inch screws.
Things You'll Need. Four boards, two inches by four inches by eight feet. One board, two inches by 12 inches by eight feet. One board, two inches by six inches by eight feet. One
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How to Build Pantry Shelving
Well-organized pantries are assets to any kitchen and cook who uses them. Building pantry shelving is a project that will help organize the storage of supplies so that you can take advantage of one of a home's essential kitchen features. The steps listed... More »
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