How do you build pantry shelves?


An easy way to build pantry shelves is to purchase metal brackets and support rods and melamine boards that look good and are simple to keep clean. Depending on the space of the pantry, a convenient size is to have 12 inch brackets and 11 inch boards of 3/4 inches. Space the distance between brackets every 15 inches or so to prevent the boards sagging under the weight of jars, bottles, etc.
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1. Determine the desired shelf height and mark the height on the wall at each end of the shelf location. Mark a second point 3/4 of an inch below the shelf height marks at each end
Knowing how to build shelves will help maximize your storage space in a quick and easy manner. Making pantry shevles, garage shelves or basement shelves are all great projects for
1. Set one 24-inch strip and two 18-inch strips in a "C" shape, with the ends of the shorter strips abutting the face of the 24-inch strips. The ends of the long strip and
1. Measure the length and height of wall space available for shelving. Cut 2-by-2 boards to the length measured to act as horizontal wall supports for the shelving. Cut one wall support
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How to Build Pantry Shelving
Well-organized pantries are assets to any kitchen and cook who uses them. Building pantry shelving is a project that will help organize the storage of supplies so that you can take advantage of one of a home's essential kitchen features. The steps listed... More »
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