How to Build Sleeper Retaining Walls?


To build retaining walls using sleeper, first prepare the area well, ensuring that the existing soil you are retaining has been dug back at least 300 millimetres past the back of your wall. Size the holes for sleeper 300mm by 300 millimetres and then use concrete to ensure all the sleeper uprights are into position and that they are all level and straight. After you have finished this, cut off the tops of your uprights to the right height before you bolt your top sleeper on.
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Build a retaining wall with railroad ties, bricks or stones. Set the first row of your material in the ground for support. Start layering your bricks, interlocking each one for strength
1. Identify the site where the retaining wall is to be constructed. 2. List the building material with which you want to make the retaining wall. If you have several pieces of natural
You will find that building a structure of that size and it's purpose will come within the grounds of building control from your local council A guy wanted a retaining wall built
1 Plan and layout the site. Plan where your retaining wall is going to be using stakes and string, leveling off to ensure an even height and using a tape measure to ensure an even
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