How to Build Stairs on a Hill?


There are many ways to build stairs on a hill. Many different materials can be used, such as stone, wood, and more. They should be built at a level so that they can climbed.
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1. Spray paint an outline of your path on the ground. Drive stakes at the top of the painted line. Tie a string from the top stake to the bottom stake and attach a line level to the
1. Climb up into the attic and pull the stairs up after you. 2. Sweep the area around the stair opening with a broom to remove any dust or debris. 3. Measure the height of the stairs
(Refer to the photo to see how finished stairs will look. Please note that stairs are pushed together - the lower one placed in front of the higher one.) You want to have the legs
1. Plan the configuration of the stairs, whether they are a short run of two or three steps, or a longer run that connects one level of a building to another. Stairs can run straight
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