How to Build Tattoo Power Supply?


This is tricky but I can tell you how to supply power to a tattoo machine. I will also address building a power supply. To supply power to you tattoo machine find a class 2 transformer off an electronic appliance like with 120Volts, 60 Hertz, 12 watts, 9 Volt output and 500 m. amps. Wire it up, solder and off you go. I would buy a power supply myself. It's easy to not have sufficient power or outages with a homemade unit. Customers could get mad if the thing cuts out during the tat.
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1. Check the input voltage on the power supply. Many power supplies are internationally manufactured or used and allow the user to change between voltages. For U.S. use, make sure
1 Read all warnings before proceeding. This is for your safety. Ad 2 Choose a charger that can supply enough current to charge the battery and keep up with the inverter's load. This
It depends on what yours using it for. I use 12 ish.
1. Remove your old power supply by unplugging from the back of your LG DR787T and then from the wall. 2. Purchase a new LG DR787T power supply either online or at a local electronics
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