How to Build Your Own Motorcycle Frame?


To build your own motorcycle frame you will need a frame jig, gas arc welder and strong steel tubing. The first thing that will need to be done is building a frame jig to the appropriate size. Steel pipes will need to be cut to fit the steering yoke and bottom rails.
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1. Set the table saw blade to 1/2 inch height, and the fence to cut at 3/4 inches. 2. Run the four pieces of wood through the table saw to cut a 1/2 inch high cut into each of them.
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1. Draw a 10-square-by-10-square grid on a 12-inch-by-12-inch piece of cardboard. Each square should have sides that are 1.2 inches long. 2. Cut two corners off of every card, except
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How to Build a Motorcycle Frame
If you like choppers, you may have thought about building your own. Welding a bike frame is not rocket science, but it does require the right tools. You need a gas metal arc welder or a gas tungsten arc welder, which creates a high level of heat and a... More »
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