How can you burn 500 calories a day?


For every mile we walk or run we burn about 200 calories. If you want to burn 500 calories a day, walk or run two and a half miles and you will do it.
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1. Start walking. It’s a great exercise that almost anyone can do. There are outdoor and indoor walking opportunities. You can burn 500 calories doing one and a half hours of
I am burning more than that a day at the gym. I do one hour on the treadmill walking quickly and then 20 minutes on the bike. The nice thing about machines. they tell you how much
Yes you can by doing some cardiovascular exercises like doing a light jog every
These may help:,20454528,00.html.
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How to Burn 500 Calories a Day
To lose one pound of weight you must burn 3,500 calories. Burn 500 calories a day, and you've lost a pound a week. Exercise is the key to torching extra calories and maintaining weight loss over the long term. Whether you choose intense, concentrated... More »
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To burn 500 calories a day, you may have to eat less and/or incorporate a good exercise workout. There are a variety of activities you can try, such as aerobics, bicycling, jogging, rowing, or jumping rope. However, you need to do these activities for a certain length of time to accomplish your goal. For example, a person that weighs approximately 150 pounds can jog for about an hour to burn this amount of calories. You can find more info at:
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The time it takes to burn 500 calories depends upon the activity that is being performed. More strenuous activities can burn calories much faster than those that ...
Calories burned when walking depend on a person?s weight. A person weighing 160 pounds will burn 500 calories walking at 3.5mph in a little more than an hour and ...
In my experience, yes, it is possible to burn 3,500 calories per week. That would be about 500 calories per day. You can do this with a combination of more exercise ...
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