How to Burn Pictures on a CD with Music?


To burn pictures on a cd with music is to have a movie maker installed on your computer. Then you can add the music you want to the cd along with the pictures you want to go with the music.
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The easiest way to put pictures and music on the same cd is by putting the cd in the computer and opening the folder for it. Once the folder is open, drag the pictures into the folder that is already holding the music and select the burn button.
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1. Click on "Start, then "All Programs. Select "Windows Movie Maker" or "Windows Live Movie Maker. 2. Click the "Import Media" button or the "
To burn a music cd, insert the cd into the computer and save all songs in a specified file. From there, insert the blank cd you would like to put the music on, and select "import
1 Insert a blank CD into the disk drive on the top of your computer . 2 On Windows Explorer or windows publisher, create a new folder and copy and paste your mp3s there . Let's call
well its alot of web sites but one good one is
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To burn a cd with pictures and music you have to have the correct type of cd that support both music and pictures. Try using a DVR cd that support both of the ...
1. Place a blank CD in your computer's CD tray. Select "Windows Media Player" in the dialog box that opens. 2. Click and drag pictures and music to the ...
1. Insert the blank CD-R disc into your CD-R drive. 2. Click "Burn Files to Disc using Windows Explorer" when the AutoPlay menu appears on your screen. ...
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