How to Burn Xbox 360 Games without a MOD Chip?


To burn Xbox 360 games without a Mod chip you will first need a software to burn or copy ISO files. Then, place the Xbox 360 game you wish to burn a copy of into the DVD tray. Then, in the software click read to ISO. After it is done copying place a blank DVD+DL into the tray. You will then need to click on Burn ISO to disc. Set the burning speed between 1x to 4x. If you put it an higher it will not burn correctly. After it is done burning it is ready for use.
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1. Download a PC DVD game copy program to the desktop. For example, the free trial version of the Game Copy Wicard program or the Game Copy Pro program. Double-click the file after
they can't CORRECTION: It can be done, and actually with less trouble than soldering on a mod chip. The firmware on the DVD drive for your console tells the drive to look for specific
Sorry to tell you this, but there's NO way. You need a mod chip to do so, plus Microsoft can trace everyone on live and will be able to tell who's playing illegally anyway. If you
To play a burned copy of an Xbox 360 game without a mod chip, first...
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