How to Butcher a Moose?


There are specific steps to aging and butchering your freshly killed moose. In addition, you hunted and brought down this beautiful animal, you will also want to take care in properly preparing your trophy. For more information look here:;
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Like any large game, you first bleed the moose so the job won't be as bad. Cut the guts out immidiately before it goes rotten. The liver can be eaten raw as it is! Then cut off the
Where I live she is called a redneck, far cry from multi-talented. I assume you mean the lipstick wearing Pitt bull. *That is the point Julie S, nobody cares that she can skin anything
Ya i would say you would get about 260 lbs of meat of that giant moose.
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When a hunter kills a moose, the carcass of the moose needs to be cleaned when it is butchered and before it can be served as meat. It also will need to be cleaned ...
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