How to Buy Cigarettes Underage?


A underage person should not buy cigarettes. A person of age should never buy a underage person cigarettes. This is a crime and can land the person in jail.
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While I agree that the age should be lowered to 16, there are things that get in the way at the legislative level. Their opinion, along with the public's is at that age, they cannot
Most kids steal cigarettes from their parents or family, have a friend
I should warn you that having possession of tobacco by minors / under-aged person is very likely a crime in any land and should be avoided. Although there are many was for a young
Boy did your story make me laugh. How to buy cigarettes underage? YOU DON'T!
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One can not legally buy cigarettes if they are underage. To do this, they may have someone of age go in and buy the cigarettes. Stiff penalties result in anyone ...
You can not purchase cigarettes if you are underage. That would be against federal law. If you are underage and want cigarettes then you would have to steal them ...
Underage smoking can be stopped by educating the youth about the side effects of smoking. This would make the young persons think twice before picking up a cigarette ...
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