How do you buy guns without an FFL?


Remember to check your local and state laws for information regarding firearms purchasing, as laws differ from state to state. Local pawn shops, or gun ranges, will assist with the process of obtaining your FFL. Check this site for more information.
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1. Contact your local gun shop. Many gun shops and dealers will be happy to help you transfer the title of any firearm you purchase by receiving the gun and completing the paperwork
The age you need to be a gun changes from state to state. You have to be at least 18 to buy a gun, but in some places and for some types of guns you have to be 21. There are other
There is no one correct answer. Each FFl will set his own rules.
You don't, unless you're trying to break the law. You aren't trying to break the law, are you? Because then we would have to report you for trying to break the law. Because that would
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You can buy a gun as long as you can find a FFL in your area to have it shipped to. When you go to a FFL they will run a background check and then sell you the gun.
Anyone can buy a gun as long as they are not otherwise prevented from owning one, such as a felony conviction. The buyer would have to buy the gun from a person having a valid FFL, however.
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