How to Bypass Blocked Sites?


There are a number of methods to use for bypassing blocked websites, but the two main solutions are either using a proxy server or by using remote access. A proxy server acts as the middle man between a user's computer and the internet. It will pass requests to the user's computer from the Internet creating it's own encapsulated network tunnel. 
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1. Click on the "Start" menu, "All Programs, "Accessories" and "Command Prompt" to open a blank command bar. 2. Type "ping" (no quotation
There are several way to bypass blocked sites, but keep in mind if the sites were blocked by your school or employer, access them could lead to a bit of trouble for you. You could
You can try using to enable access to a blocked site. Proxify
By your name 'JAMAL' i know you in a country in the Middle East. In the Middle East many websites are blocked by almost all the ISP's.Internet Provider] I think in your country they
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How to Bypass Blocked Sites
You're at a computer at work, school or some other public place. You're trying to get to a website, but the site is telling you that you do not have access to it. That's because you're being blocked by a firewall. Especially in companies and educational... More »
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You can use a proxy server in order to bypass blocked sites. You can also use an online proxy portal. One last option would be to use a virtual private server.
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