How to Bypass Blocked Sites?


There are a number of methods to use for bypassing blocked websites, but the two main solutions are either using a proxy server or by using remote access. A proxy server acts as the middle man between a user's computer and the internet. It will pass requests to the user's computer from the Internet creating it's own encapsulated network tunnel. 
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1. Click on the "Start" menu, "All Programs, "Accessories" and "Command Prompt" to open a blank command bar. 2. Type "ping" (no quotation
You can try using to enable access to a blocked site. Proxify
By your name 'JAMAL' i know you in a country in the Middle East. In the Middle East many websites are blocked by almost all the ISP's.Internet Provider] I think in your country they
1. Visit the site that’s blocked. You should see the normal “site blocked” message. Even a poorly configured Sonicwall firewall will block the sites it’s supposed
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How to Bypass Blocked Sites
You're at a computer at work, school or some other public place. You're trying to get to a website, but the site is telling you that you do not have access to it. That's because you're being blocked by a firewall. Especially in companies and educational... More »
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You can use a proxy server in order to bypass blocked sites. You can also use an online proxy portal. One last option would be to use a virtual private server.
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