How to Calculate AMP Draw from Watts?


Watts to amps calculator is a portable device used to check on the electricity consumption. To calculate amps from watts you need to first get the voltage and then divide watts by voltage.
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1. Find the number of watts being output. In most cases, watts are measured in watts per hour or kilowatts per hour. If it is measured in watts per hour, multiply the number by 3,600
The formula you are looking for is I = W/E.
They will be 450 amps drawn from 1500 watt car amplifier. ChaCha on.
The Sony Xplod 1000 is rated at a 40 amp draw as specified by the manufacturer. Enjoy!
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How to Calculate Amp Draw From Watts
Electrical circuits in a house are designed to draw a limited amount of current. Plugging too many devices into a single circuit causes an overload which can in turn lead to a fire. You can determine the amount of current a device draws in amperes by... More »
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