How to Calculate AMP Draw from Watts?


Watts to amps calculator is a portable device used to check on the electricity consumption. To calculate amps from watts you need to first get the voltage and then divide watts by voltage.
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1. Locate the wattage amount on the appliance. This is the total power the device uses at any given instant. For example, a lightbulb might use 60 watts of electricity. 2. Determine
Watts. = Volts x Amps x Power Factor. An incandescent light bulb is a resistive load so PF. = 1. ANSWER: = 1/2 Amp.
W(watts)=I(current in amps) times V(volts)
To determine amps, you need to divide watts by volts. So
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How to Calculate Amp Draw From Watts
Electrical circuits in a house are designed to draw a limited amount of current. Plugging too many devices into a single circuit causes an overload which can in turn lead to a fire. You can determine the amount of current a device draws in amperes by... More »
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