How to Calculate Antilog?


Anti log is the inverse of the Logarithm . Log(10)100=2 , that is 10^2 = 100 , so log value is 2 similarly the anti log value is the inverse then anti log(10) 2= 100.
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1. Define a logarithm. The logarithm of a number is the power to which a given base must be raised to obtain that number. For example, 10 must be raised to the power of 2 to obtain
You can calculate both using series expansions for log x (base 10) or, since more readily available, for ln x (base e) and for e^x respectively. 1) One such possibility for log, or
An antilog is the inverse function of a logarithm.Define a logarithm. The logarithm of
On my calculator it is the same key as the log key, but you have to press the "Shift" key first. It is shown as 10. ■.
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How to Calculate Antilog
An antilog is the inverse function of a logarithm. This notation was common when calculations were performed with slide rules or by referencing tables of numbers. Today,computers perform these calculations, and the use of the term "antilog" has been... More »
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Antilog is the inverse function of a logarithm. It is an inverse operation that finds the number given the logarithm value (power) and base.
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