How to Calculate BI Weekly Salary?


To calculate your bi-weekly salary, you will first have to know your annual salary. This information can be gotten from your company Human Resource department. Then, divide this figure by 26 as the numbers of weeks in a year are 52. Make sure that you have subtracted the taxes from the salary.
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1. Visit the Paycheck City website (see Resources) The site has both a free salary paycheck calculator and a free hourly paycheck calculator. Both can calculate bi-weekly net pay,
Based on 365 days per year, [365/7 (days per week) = 52.14 weeks per year] so 52 weeks per year, based on a bi-weekly period = 52/2 = 26 payments per year/12 (Months) = 2.17; therefore
Take the annual salary and divide it by number of paychecks issued in a year.... If it is exactly bi-weekly, divide it by 26. If they meant twice a months, then devide it by 24. Of
I'm not sure I get the question. If you've already figured out the taxes, what's to calculate? You deduct the taxes and get net pay. If you're meaning something else, please clarify
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To convert your bi-weekly or hourly pay into monthly pay,nuse simple calculation. Multiply bi-weekly pay by 26 and dividenit by 12. In case it is an hourly payment ...
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