How to Calculate Chronological Age?


Chronological age is how long a person or thing has existed. For a person, this is based on that person's birthdate, compared to the current date (date used for the calculation. You need to include at least the month, date, and year in your calculation. A rough example of this is someone's birthdate is June 20, 1950. If today is June 10, 2010, then you would subtract the birth year from the current year, to get 60 years. Now, since this person's birthday has not yet occurred in the calculation year, you adjust the age by the number of days till the birthday (assuming a year is 365 days). So, this person is 59 years and 356 days.
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How do we calcuate child's chronological age if she was born 11/21/2007 and was evaluated for speech on 10/12/2009?
To calculate Chronological Age, you need the Calculator.Put ur Name&Birthday, and calculate
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Actual age; contrast with effective age . Example: A building completed in 1985 has a chronologic age of 20 years in 2005, regardless of its condition.
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Age Calculator
Aging is the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time... More>>
Chronological age is the exact age of a person to the precise day. The formula for calculating chronological age is the Year Month Day (test date) - Year Month Day (birth date).
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