How to Calculate College Credit Hours?


The amount of college credit hours will really depend on the college you are attending. On average for each credit a course is worth, it is equivalent to each hour a week a course meets. For example, a 4 credit course usually meets between 3 and 4 hours each week.
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Credit hours are calculated fairly easily. For example, if you take a class that you can finish in about 10 hours, that will give you 1.0 CEUs. It is a decimal system. Even though
1. Contact the registrar's office or flip through your college handbook to see how semester hours are counted. Many times the number of hours you are in class in a week for a given
1. Refer to your weekly time sheet or time card to determine the number of hours you worked for the week. 2. Tally your regular and overtime hours plus any benefit days such as vacation
1. Multiply the number of hours per week you work by the number of weeks you work. For example, if you work a seasonal job that pays you to work 40 hours per week but only 12 weeks
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College credit hours vary depending on the college. Most college classes are three times a week an hour a day and are worth 3 credit hours. Labs are normally only given one credit hour. Check with your school to see what they give for credits for every class hour attended. Take the total class hours attended and add the total credit per hour that the school gave you. Ex; you have class three times a week at 1 hour daily, the school states that you get one credit for every hour attended, so this would make this class a 3 credit course.
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