How to Calculate Concrete Blocks Needed?


These Measurements are for 8'x16' blocks and include the mortar joints. To calculate the number of blocks by a length multiply by .75, for example if the length is 400sq ft; 400sq ft x .75= 300 Blocks. Now to calculate the height (number of rows), you will multiply the height by 1.5, for example if your height is 10 ft; 10ft x 1.5= 15 blocks. To calculate the number of blocks by area multiply the area by 1.125, for example if your area is 450 sq ft; 450 sq ft x 1.125= 506 1/4 blocks. Good luck! For a detailed explanation of block calculations visit this link.
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There are several ways you can calculate the number of concrete blocks you will need. You can calculate them by the height, the length or the area of the project you are trying to determine. For more information see here: ;
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1. Calculate the number of blocks needed for a specific length of a project (we will call this value "L" by first taking the length of the block you will be using in inches
My Astronomy professor says that we need at least 15 feet of concrete to block nuclear radiation.
There are quite a few calculators online that you can utilize to determine what you need. Your best bet, though, is to use a calculator for the specific blocks you are purchasing,
One of the basic building blocks for a home is the concrete slab. The slab is used to support the flooring, the patio, or the basement. Whatever purposes your slab will serve, getting
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