How to Calculate Crude Death Rate?


Crude death rate is calculated in units of death per 1000 individuals per year. This means that if a particular place has a total population of 100,000, and a crude death rate of that place is 8.5 percent, there would be 850 deaths per year in that place. Crude death rate is also known as crude mortality rate.
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you take the population and divide it by 3.14.
The crude death rate is the number of people dying per 1000 people in a years time. This can be figured over many different time periods, countries and regions.
1. The crude birth rate (CBR) is equal to the number of live births (b) in a year divided by the total midyear population (p) This number is then usually multiplied by 1,000 to arrive
Total deaths as a percentage of total population for a stipulated period of time.
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