How to Calculate Cubic Feet of a Box?


Measure the width of the box in feet, the length of the box in feet and the height of the box in feet then multiply all three of these numbers together.
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Cubic feet is calculated by measuring feet in three different directions like length, width and depth. Then you would multiply all three of these measurements together.
1. Use a measuring tape and measure across one of the ends of the cylinder at its widest point to get the diameter in inches. 2. Divide the diameter in half to get the radius. (For
2ftx2ftx2t= 8ft. 3.
Calculating cubic feet, or volume is necessary for estimating concrete or attic
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1. Take your ruler and measure (in inches) the height (top to bottom) width (left to right) and depth (front to back) of the box that you wish to determine the ...
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In dealing with cubic feet you must be dealing in volume. Therefore, you must have a length, width, and a height of something. If you have a length of 12, a width ...
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