How to Calculate Current Draw?


To calculate the current draw you need to identify the formula you will use in the process and convert the current in the bulb into amperes. This involves the volts multiplied by the amperes is equalled to the power in watts that is v*i=w. For more details visit the website.
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1. Use the following formulas. I=V/R - This is a formula we learned in high school, that still holds relevance today. Current is equal to voltage divided by resistance. I=P/V - Current
current drawn from where? you can always use an ammeter. Source(s): $$
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You can calculate the amp draw by dividing the amount of wattage by the voltage. For example, a 1000-watt hair dryer running on 120 volts produces 10 amps of current ...
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To calculate Inrush Current you need the motor nameplate on the motor and find the energy listed on it, try to find the locked rotor code on the motor nameplate, ...
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