How to Calculate CWT in Freight?


In freight shipping terms, CWT is an abbreviation that means 100 pounds in U.S. customary units. You can calculate CWT by taking the total weight of a freight supply and divide by 100 to find the CWT figure. In the United Kingdom, however, a CWT means 112 pounds, while a metric CWT means 50 kilograms.
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1. Weigh your freight on the scale. If you are weighing freight loaded onto a vehicle, you must weigh the vehicle empty first, and subtract that weight (the tare weight) from the
Calculating freight-in is simply calculating freight. The easiest way is to select a freight carrier (RL Carriers, YRC, and Conway are notable nationwide freight companies) and get
Height times width times depth gives you volume
Patrick, You are quite correct--I should have used a little over the half pound for my table values and the ROUNDUP for the weights over 5 kg. Here is my version of a no-table formula
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How to Calculate CWT in Freight
When shipping large amounts of freight, you will often need to know the hundredweight of your shipment. A hundredweight, abbreviated CWT, comes in three sizes: short, long and metric. A short CWT is equal to 100 lbs. and is used in the United States. A... More »
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