How to Calculate Discount?


To calculate discount, you will need the original cost and the amount of the discount or the amount after discount. If you have the original cost and know the discount will be ten percent, you will multiply the original cost by . 10. This will give you the amount of the discount and then you can subtract it from the original cost. This way you have all information regarding the discount.
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To calculate discount, you may need to know variables, such as the discount rate or percent off, the new selling price, and the original cost of an item. Then you can use different formulas depending on which variables are given. For example, the discount for an item that originally cost 50 dollars that has been marked down to 25 dollars will be 50-25= 25. To find the discount percent divide the discount by the original cost and multiply by 100 to get (25/50) x100= 50 percent discount. If instead you had been given the discount percent of 50 percent for this item and the original price of 50 dollars, you could have figured out the discount by multiply .5 x 50 dollars to get 25 as your discount. You can find out more information here:
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