How do you calculate half life?


To calculate half of a life, you will first need to know how long the whole life is. If a person lived to be 80, then half of that life would be 40. You will just divide the age at which the person or animal died, by two.
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Y=A (1/2)t/h y=final amount A=starting amount T=time and H= half life. I hope this answers your question. Depending on the question the answer wil vary but this formula should work
1. Suppose you know the proportions of a substance at two points in time. Denote the difference between these two points in time with the letter "T. Denote the ratio of the smaller
Check the time between your first decay rate and when the decay rate reaches half this number.
Relative decay rate k = - ln2/5272. The amount of Cobalt-60 left after t years given by A(t) = A0e^kt) This implies A(1600) = 100e^ln2*1600/5272) = 81.0290 g.
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How to Calculate Half-Lifes
A half-life is the time that a substance takes for half of it to disappear. For example, the half-life of uranium-235 is 700 million years. It takes another 700 million years for half of the remainder to decay. Therefore after 1.4 billion years, 25% of... More »
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The half life of uranium 232 is 68.8 years and 99.6 years in lifetime. Uranium 238 has a half-life of 4.46 billion years and uranium 235 has a half-life of 704 ...
Oxycodone is a prescription pain killer that is used to treat mile to severe pain. It has a relatively short half life in a person's blood. The half life of Oxycodone ...
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