How do you calculate half life?


To calculate half of a life, you will first need to know how long the whole life is. If a person lived to be 80, then half of that life would be 40. You will just divide the age at which the person or animal died, by two.
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1. Divide the amount of the substance at one point in time by the amount remaining after a period of time. The formula for calculating half life is as follows: t. 1/2. = t * ln(2)
1. Suppose you know the proportions of a substance at two points in time. Denote the difference between these two points in time with the letter "T. Denote the ratio of the smaller
1) Find number of half-life(t1/2) and Total Time(TT) -sometimes the total time or number of half life are not given. 2) divide (TT) over (t1/2) = half-life
it takes 713 million years for half of the U235 to decay to lead-207. half-lives: 1 = 50% U235 . & 50% lead-207. 2 = 25% U235 & 75% lead-207. 3 = 12.5% U235 and 87.5% lead
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How to Calculate Half-Lifes
A half-life is the time that a substance takes for half of it to disappear. For example, the half-life of uranium-235 is 700 million years. It takes another 700 million years for half of the remainder to decay. Therefore after 1.4 billion years, 25% of... More »
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