How do you calculate heat pump size?


To calculate heat pump size, a person must know the geographical location, room type, insulation, exterior walls, number of windows and room area. Without these six variables, the proper size cannot be determined.

Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat a home using electricity. Before choosing a heat pump, insulate the ceiling and underfloor. Sizing the room correctly saves on running costs. A cold climate also affects the efficiency of a heat pump. Consider geographical areas with special environmental conditions, such as coastal areas with high humidity which may corrode equipment, when choosing the correct pump. Good installation is essential, and a professional is the best means for installing a heat pump properly.

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This question has many components. Let me first reference a standard resource - the International Ground Source Hear Pump Association This site has
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How to Calculate Heat Pump Size
According to the U.S. Department of Energy the greatest problem homeowners have is obtaining a correctly sized air conditioning or heating unit. In fact, the majority of homeowners have an oversized unit that is energy inefficient and does not run for... More »
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