How to Calculate Military Time?


In calculating for military time, one of the things you need to understand is that they do not use AM or PM in describing time. They don't start over using the same numbers to tell the difference between AM and PM. The military uses hundreds to describe the time in a numerical order. Such as 12 AM, they say zero hundred hours. 12 PM, they say twelve hundred hours. 1 PM they say, thirteen hundred hours and 11 PM, they say twenty three hundred hours. See website below for more details.
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1. 00 hundred hours is 12 a.m in military time. 2. From midnight 12:00 (00) a.m. to 12:00 p.m. noon use the standard numeric values on a regular clock or watch (1-12) to tell military
Military time begins with 0000 hours or sometimes called 'twenty four hundred hours' To Determine the time simply subtract 1200 from them. For example, 1900 hours - 1200 = 7pm.
Conversion from 12-hour time to 24-hour time: Is the time AM or PM? AM: Is the hour 12? Yes: Subtract 12 from the hour (make it 0) No: The hour stays the same. PM: Is the hour 12?
1. Click "Start, type "Calculator" and click "Calculator" to open Window's Calculator. You may also navigate through "Start, "All Programs, "
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How to Calculate Military Time
In different jobs or applications, you might find that tasks and work shifts need to be scheduled using military time, which is based on a 24-hour clock cycle. Using military time is straightforward, requiring only a simple conversion. Once you learn... More »
Military time is based on a 24 hour clock instead of two 12 hour cycles. AM hours in military are the same. For PM hours just add 12 to the current PM time, ie 2:00 PM would be 14:00.
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